A new way to use team collaboration
Snipeet provides Talents with new ways to earn money from anywhere in the world, by providing on-demand services like conceptualizing and building any product or service project, innovating, and initiating go-to-market strategies, and more.
Snipeet Talents
Moving business initiatives forward
Start-up and Small Businesses struggle to find the right talent at an affordable price to keep pace with the ever-growing new business demands. As technology departments work to drive efficiency and business transformation, start-up and Small business owners need to have the right teams in place to get the job done.

To keep business demand and innovative initiatives moving forward, Snipeet allows companies to use its talents to augment and supplement their existing IT teams, sales, marketing, design teams, and more with the Snipeet talent they need but don’t have.

As people transition and projects evolve, Snipeet helps keep your business moving forward by providing highly qualified talents to get the job done.

One size doesn't fit all, so we work efficiently to understand the goals and direction of each client to quickly fulfill their requirements with the right resources. Snipeet goes beyond other staffing agencies with a wide range of solutions that will help you achieve business goals on target and within budget.
Data and Analytics
Product Designer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
Backend Developer
UX / UI Designer
Email Marketing
Business Analyst
Product Manager
What is Snipeet?
Snipeet is a full stack talent and outsourcing marketplace focused on building modern technologies with its vast talent capabilities across all value-creating touch-points in enterprises, SMBs and start-ups to unlock growth, boost workforce performance, improve cost efficiency through streamlined design and software development timelines to elevate product quality, and accelerate time to market.
Become a Snipeet talent
Snipeet Talent is forward-thinking professionals across business disciplines and specialties, small to medium business owners, business consultants, Everyday people with exceptional self-acquired knowledge. Those who have made mistakes they have learnt from and are willing to teach others how to avoid them, niche industry experts and leading start-up founders.
Your knowledge has value, Snipeet lets you Earn money by sharing your acquired knowledge with its clients over a step-by-step consultation, completed task and its talent hire service.
We believe experience is the best teacher. Get paid every minute to give valuable services. Become an Talent.

Talents we trust
Every talent on the Snipeet platform must go through a rigorous vetting process. We personally speak to every applicant to verify their identity, check references, and ensure they have the proven experience to drive our customer’s business and ideas forward.

We personally speak to each applicant to assess communication skills and check references. Top 20% become Snipeet Experts.

Applicants who pass our rigorous vetting process join our Snipeet talent Community.

Join Snipeet talent community in 4 easy steps
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Step 4
Create Profile
It's easy to Apply and it's free.

Get started by sharing your vast expertise, knowledge in just a few minutes.
Talent Screening Process
Application to join Snipeet talent pool reviewed

Expertise, work experience, and education are assessed

Identity verified

Every applicant must pass an identity-check

Screening call & reference checks

Accept Meeting Requests
Congratulation you can now give advice directly from Snipeet secure messaging and video platform on your dashboard

Receive scheduled meeting requests based on your availability

Join other forward-thinking talents help spread the use of Snipeet across your contacts

Get Paid
Get paid within 48 hours through our secure payment system for every minute spent advising our customers.
Earn money for every minute of your advice from the comfort of your home
Monetize your knowledge
Get challenged and share your experiences with customers from around the world.
Explore New opportunities
Become part of a remarkable growing community of like-minded people globally.
Be part of a talented community
Why Join Snipeet?
Snipeet makes it simple and secure for talents to find work and earn money every day. for every minute of your knowledge shared from the convenience of your home.
Get paid on time
Get paid within 48 hours of providing advice to customers.
Choose your own projects
Snipeet matching process matches you with project that are best suited for your expertise.
Control your time
Set your availability. choose whom you want to work with.
See what our Experts say about us
Setting up my profile was easy and intuitive; I was able to start sharing my knowledge with customers from the get-go.
We are currently looking for talent with experiences across:
Motion Designer
Motion Designer
Software Frontend Engineer
Software Frontend Engineer
Software Mobile Engineer
Software Mobile Engineer
UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer
Software Backend Engineer
Software Backend Engineer
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